About Spirits

The Higher Spirit

At the heart of a good quality whisk(e)y, Gin or vodka is a 100% grain spirit. Good quality, fresh, clean spirit will produce a wonderful drink. The same base grain spirit that can be turned into Gin can be re-distilled and aged on oak to produce grain whisky for use in blended Scotch. It can also be re-distilled, purified & filtered and used to make vodka. Rum is made from a distillation of fermented processed sugar cane, and bradies; Cognac, Armagnanc & Calvados of course from grapes.

The History of Spirits

The art of distillation was first used many thousands of years ago in Arabia to make perfume. After the birth of Christianity,  travelling monks adopted the technique to produce distilled alcohol in various forms, collectively known as spirits. Adaptive and innovative they soon leaned to use their initiative to ensure a good supply of something soul-warming wherever they went. The warmer European countries and France were rich in grapes and produced good brandies, Scotland & Ireland have the ideal climate for growing barley and whisk(e)y was born. Gin often has juniper as a base and vodka can be distilled from just about anything.

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Originally from the Carribaean and often associated with the slave trade, Rum is distilled from a sugar cane base. Read More:


Gin is distilled grain alcohol re-distilled with or flavoured with Botanicals & herbs & spices, the most common of which is Juniper. Infact, the name gin is derived from either the French “genièvre” or the Dutch “jenever”,  which translates as Juniper.   Read More:


The word Vodka was first recorded in court documents in 15th century Poland. It is made by distilling the fermented juices of a variety of substances commonly grains or potatos  Read More:


 Travelling Monks spread the art of distilling throughout Europe, fermenting whatever was available into beer or wine & then distilling it. Settling in Ireland & Scotland, the most prolific crop was Barley: The resultant spirit is Whisk(e)y.  Read More:


Calvado is apple brandy from the Normandy Region of France. Read More:


The oldest wine eau-de-vie (French brandy), produced in the South West of the France, in the heart of Gascogny.  Read More:


Brandy from the Cognac Region of France, which extends along the banks of the Charente is known as Cognac  Read More: